How to Send Pitch Deck to Investors

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Raising funds for your start-up is akin to running a relentless race, one where standing out is challenging, and the risks are real.

How do you ensure that your pitch deck reaches the right investors without being compromised or lost in transit?

Even with the most innovative ideas and a dedicated team, the way you send your pitch can make or break the deal.

This guide will walk you through selecting the ideal investors, methods to reach them, and the best tools to send your pitch deck securely.

Let's dive into the strategies that can set your business proposal apart from the rest.

Find the Ideal Investors

Finding the right investors is the cornerstone of successful fundraising. It's not merely about sending your pitch deck to anyone with capital but aligning your vision with those who share your passion and see the potential.

Ready to identify those golden connections? Let's explore the avenues that lead to the ideal investors.

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing: a staple in the startup world.

Did you know that despite the global average response rate hovering around just 8.5%, it remains a popular strategy among founders?

The odds might seem slim, but with the right email structure and targeting the perfect investor match, this method can surprise you. After all, there's a reason why it's a go-to for so many entrepreneurs.

Ready to crack the cold email code? Here is our guide for writing a killer cold email to investors.

Attending Events

Ever thought of mingling your way to success?

Attending events, from pitch competitions to industry-specific conferences, not only broadens your investor horizon but also connects you with those who truly "get" your vision.

Imagine chatting with someone at an accelerator demo day who's just as passionate about your industry. Events are more than just talks and presentations; they're your golden ticket to finding investors who align with your startup dream.

Ready to network your way forward? Here is our guide for finding the ideal event for every founder.

Personal Reachout

Ever heard the phrase, "It's not what you know, but who you know"? In the realm of fundraising, personal reach outs can be gold.

Think about it: a recommendation from a past colleague, a nudge from your startup's advisor, or a tip from a successful entrepreneur you know.

These personal bridges can lead directly to an investor's doorstep. It's all about leveraging those genuine relationships to find someone who believes in your vision.

Ready to tap into your network's power? Here is our guide for everything regarding getting an intro with the potential investors.

Join Online Communities

Have you ever considered the power of the online realm in connecting with investors?

Platforms like StartupNation, Growth Mentor, and Founders Beta are reshaping the way we network. They’re not just trendy talk; they're game-changers.

Dive into these bustling online communities, and you'll be rubbing virtual shoulders with potential investors and co-founders in no time.

Think of it as a digital coffee shop, brimming with opportunities.

Ready to expand your horizons online? Here is our full guide for choosing the right online community for your startup.

How to Send Pitch Deck to Investor

So, you've pinpointed your ideal investor. What's next? How to send your precious pitch deck to that pool of investors you have reached out to via the investor outreach channels?

Sure, the traditional email has been a trusty ally, but it's gradually being overshadowed. Personal presentations? They're impactful, but setting them up can be a marathon of patience.

Enter the modern solution: specialized online tools designed for pitch deck sharing. It's the trendsetting way of merging convenience with technology.

Ready to find out how these tools can transform your pitch delivery and what are the best ones available out there for deck sharing?

Let's journey into the digital age of fundraising!

Best Tools for Sending Pitch Decks to Investors

Sending your pitch deck securely was once a challenge, but no longer. Thanks to cutting-edge online tools, sharing vital startup documents is now seamless and safe.

Here, we explore five top file-sharing platforms you can trust. Let's dive in!

  1. DeckLink

Looking to share your pitch deck seamlessly? Enter DeckLink: the undisputed leader in pitch deck hosting and sharing.

Unlike most file-sharing platforms, DeckLink's unique edge is its laser focus on pitch decks.

Setting up is a breeze; you can get your deck's link in a mere 60 seconds! And it's not just about sharing; you also get invaluable analytics to enhance engagement.31

With the capacity to share up to 10 free decks, customize links, and even preview cards to entice your audience, DeckLink goes the extra mile.

Plus, say goodbye to tedious registrations—DeckLink gets you sharing in just a few clicks. Want more? Capture leads, gain advanced insights, and experience premium features, all free.

For pitch decks, there's no rival to DeckLink. Ready to elevate your sharing game?

1. Pitch XO

Ready to take your pitch deck sharing up a notch? Dive into Pitch XO, a top-notch pitch deck hosting platform tailored for start-ups.

With Pitch XO, you don't just send files; you craft an experience. Send customized links and know exactly who’s diving into your content, even tracking their reading duration!

It's not just about sending; it's about analyzing and refining.

Worried about confidentiality? Pitch XO puts you in the driver's seat, allowing selective access and gathering specific feedback.

Plus, with features like branded sharing zones, your own domain linkage, and first-class support, you're always presenting in style.

But all this is not like a free lunch. It is going to cost you some funds. Here is the pricing plan:

In the realm of secure, effective, and professional pitch deck sharing, Pitch XO stands tall. Ready to impress those investors?


Want to pitch from anywhere, anytime? is your go-to. This dynamic platform isn’t just about sharing; it’s about connecting in real-time with your investors.

Imagine giving live presentations from your couch, reaching potential stakeholders across the globe. And while the connection is great, knows protection is paramount.

Safeguard your decks with password protection, monitoring who's peeking and for how long. Dive into metrics, tweak your slides based on viewer behavior, and optimize for success.

Yes, there's a small monthly fee, but think of it as an investment. Here is the pricing plan:

In return, you get unparalleled security and engagement tools. Ready to slide into a world of interactive, secure pitching? awaits!

3. DocSend

In the world of secure document sharing, DocSend stands out, catering especially to startup founders and business professionals.

Imagine a platform where you can effortlessly share, track, and even collaborate on your pitch deck.

Want to know who viewed it and for how long? DocSend tells you. Concerned about security? Set password protection and link expiration. Collaboration? Invite your team to comment and annotate in real time.

And with integrations like Salesforce and Slack, it fits right into your workflow. But all this is not free, here are the pricing plans:

From customizing your link settings to real-time tracking, DocSend is more than a sharing tool – it's your pitch deck's best friend.

Ready to take control? Try DocSend.

4. DropBox

Dropbox isn't just another file-sharing platform; it's a game-changer that transformed business operations globally.

When you're preparing to pitch your startup, Dropbox is your reliable sidekick. Why email documents when a single link can seamlessly introduce your vision to potential investors?

Its cloud storage, synchronization, and third-party app integrations enable real-time collaboration like never before. With over 700 million trusting users, security isn't just a feature – it's a promise.

Whether it's password protection, download restrictions, or automated processes, your subscription has got you covered. All these features for a small amount of your funds, here is the pricing plan:

Plus, with Dropbox Sign, sealing deals becomes as easy as a click. Opt for Dropbox, where innovation meets simplicity. Ready to elevate your pitch game?

Why DeckLink is the Best Choice?

Choosing the right tool for pitch deck sharing is vital, and DeckLink stands out as the top choice for founders. Here's why:

  • Cost-Efficient: While others charge, DeckLink offers premium features at no cost, ensuring startups save valuable funds.
  • Exclusively Crafted: DeckLink is tailored for pitch decks, ensuring that presentations are showcased and engaged optimally.
  • Quick and User-Friendly: Say goodbye to lengthy sign-ups. Secure your DeckLink shareable link in under 60 seconds.
  • Robust Analytics: Dive deep with DeckLink's advanced analytics, refining your content and understanding your audience's needs better.
  • Generous Capacity: Offering the freedom to upload up to 10 pitch decks or PDFs, DeckLink ensures you're always prepared.
  • Effective Networking: More than just sharing, DeckLink's email capture system lets you seamlessly expand your professional network.
  • Engage Before Click: Entice your audience immediately with personalized preview cards that give a glimpse of your brilliance.
  • Constructive Feedback Loop: Missing out on VC meetings? DeckLink's pitch deck review option amplifies your presentation's potential.

With these standout features, DeckLink isn't just a choice; it's the wise decision for forward-thinking founders.

Final Thoughts (CTA)

In the bustling landscape of file and pitch deck-sharing tools, the quest for the ideal platform often leads to a maze of options.

But for founders eyeing success, the choice becomes clear and resounding: DeckLink.

With its specialized features, tailored exclusively for pitch decks, and a commitment to providing premium services without a price tag, DeckLink stands apart. It's more than a tool; it's a partner in your journey toward success, making the process simple, engaging, and effective.

Choose DeckLink, where innovation meets accessibility, and take the decisive step toward your next big venture.

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