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Austin, Texas: A bustling epicenter of innovation, drawing in ambitious minds from every corner of the world.

But why is this Texan gem attracting so many entrepreneurs? Perhaps it's the staggering venture capital firms that pepper its streets, all hungry for the next groundbreaking idea.

With this sea of choices, locating the perfect VC for your startup can feel overwhelming, can't it? Some offer more than just funds, extending mentorship and vital operational insights.

Are you on the hunt for a VC firm in Austin? Here is our list of the best 15 Venture Capital firms in Austin, Texas.

15 Best Venture Capital Firms in Austin, Texas

With around 250 VC firms in Austin, the choices can be overwhelming. Fear not, for here's our meticulously curated list of the top 15, poised to propel your startup growth.

1. Austin Ventures

Austin Ventures, standing tall since 1984, has poured a whopping $3.9 billion into Texas's business ecosystem, nurturing over 250 fledgling firms.

Their unparalleled commitment? Elevating startups from seed to series A+. With investments that swing between $500k to a substantial $40M, they're a giant in the venture capital realm.

Established by Joe Aragona and Ken Deangelis, this Austin powerhouse, lauded for its strategic prowess, primarily dances with IT, digital media, and business sectors.

Their crown jewels? Renowned names like Bazaarvoice and HomeAway.

Best For:

  • IT and Digital Media Startups: With a keen eye on tech-driven ventures, they're the go-to for innovative IT and digital media endeavors.
  • Early to Mid-Stage Ventures: From seed to series A+ funding, their financial embrace is broad and welcoming, ensuring growth at every stage.
  • Texas-based Innovations: Their heart beats for the Lone Star State, making them the prime choice for startups rooted in Texas.

2. Elsewhere Partners

If the "billion or bust" mentality feels foreign to your ethos, Elsewhere Partners might just be your aligning star.

This Austin-born VC, with investments in 52 triumphs like LearnSoft and Banyan Water, exclusively embraces B2B software companies, guiding them from scrappy startups to valuable enterprises.

Their philosophy? Transitional capital meets transformational expertise. Apart from providing Series A investments, they promise more than capital.

How? By injecting your venture with connections, expertise, and a network of seasoned operators.

Best For:

  • B2B Software Companies: Exclusively backing B2B software ventures, their tailored approach ensures a precise fit for industry-specific growth.
  • Series A Seekers: If Series A funding aligns with your journey's next step, they're poised to become your ideal partner.
  • Startups Seeking Expertise: Beyond money, they offer intensive, tailored guidance with seasoned operators to fuel your business's unique evolution.

3. ATX Venture Partners

ATX Venture Partners, an esteemed player in Austin's startup scene, isn't just about cutting checks—it's about fostering growth beyond the investment.

Championing early-stage startups, ATX brings to the table more than capital; they offer a platform teeming with resources, from industry introductions to a vast talent network.

Their eyes are set on transformative markets, hunting for innovations that are ready to soar. Market trends and scalability are paramount in their selection, as they lead investments from $250,000 to $5M.

With a penchant for enterprise software, apps, and marketplaces, ATX has proudly backed game-changers like Aceable and AlertMedia.

Best For:

  • Early-Stage Startups: Seeking your seed or Series A round? ATX specializes in kickstarting your journey.
  • B2B Software & APIs: With an emphasis on disruptive enterprise software, your innovative solution will find its champion here.
  • Tech-Driven Ventures: Whether it's frontier tech or curated marketplaces, ATX's tech DNA resonates with forward-thinking startups.

4. Mercury Fund

Mercury Fund stands tall as an early-stage venture capital platform with an eye for groundbreaking software startups.

With its proactive approach, Mercury has been instrumental in crafting over $9 billion of value, demonstrating a profound knack for guiding startups toward rapid, enduring growth.

They offer more than just capital: Mercury champions both first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs, unlocking their potential through tailored mentorship and a rich network of growth partners.

With successful partnerships like CS Disco and BlackLocus under their belt, this VC firm is steadfast in its mission to uplift overlooked entrepreneurial communities while redefining success for founders and investors alike.

Best For:

  • Software Startups: Mercury has a sharp eye for transformative software tech, propelling startups to the forefront.
  • First-time Entrepreneurs: With mentorship at the heart, they nurture budding founders, ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Startups Eyeing Rapid Scale: Their operational expertise uniquely positions them to guide companies through swift and effective expansion phases.

5. S3 Ventures

S3 Ventures, the largest VC powerhouse in Texas, uniquely channels all returns to a philanthropic family championing social equity.

Boasting $900M+ assets since 2005, this Austin luminary reshapes the business, digital, and healthcare arenas with investments spanning from $500k to a hefty $10M+.

Their Texas-sized impact? Over 50 companies supported, with 20+ clinching triumphant exits, including household names like Alkami and LiveOak Technologies.

With unparalleled dedication, S3 Ventures isn't just about business; it's about making a genuine, lasting difference.

Best For:

  • Business Tech Startups: Innovators transforming internal and external company operations.
  • Digital Experiences: Game-changers enhancing how consumers live, learn, and engage.
  • Healthcare Tech Ventures: Pioneers advancing human welfare via cutting-edge devices and software.

6. Santé Ventures

Emerging at the confluence of healthcare and advanced technology, Santé Invests stands tall, managing a staggering $800M capital, bifurcated between innovative healthcare ventures and data-driven public securities.

Established in 2006, this Austin-bred titan, with footprints in Boston, delves into Biotech, Medtech, and Healthtech domains.

Their dual power? Profound healthcare expertise and a relentless drive for technological brilliance. Santé doesn't just invest; it foresees the future of patient care while revolutionizing portfolio performance with data mastery.

Over 30 thriving companies, including TFF Pharmaceuticals and Graybug Vision, underscore their impeccable investment journey.

Best For:

  • Biotech Ventures: Innovators trailblazing transformative biological solutions for healthcare challenges.
  • MedTech Startups: Tech-oriented entrepreneurs reshaping medical tools, devices, or equipment sectors.
  • Healthtech Pioneers: Visionaries leveraging technology to amplify patient care and health outcomes.

7. Silverton Partners

Since its inception in 2006, Silverton Partners, headquartered in Austin, has emerged as Texas' most proactive venture capital dynamo.

With over $568M in assets and a remarkable tally of 30+ acquisitions and 4 IPOs from their 75+ portfolio, they're more than investors—they're visionaries.

Committed to early-stage disruptors, their team, brimming with former entrepreneurs, zeroes in on Seed and Series A rounds.

Beyond just finances, Silverton thrives on mentoring, leveraging broad expertise from fintech to healthcare.

Best For:

  • Tech-Driven Ventures: Startups harnessing technology to carve out market niches and build lasting barriers.
  • Growth Market Disruptors: Visionaries set on pioneering change in growth sectors with innovative products/services.
  • Early-Stage Innovators: Ambitious entrepreneurs eyeing Seed or Series A rounds, ready for a transformative journey with seasoned partners.

8. Multicoin Capital

Established across Austin, New York City, and Beijing, Multicoin Capital stands out as a luminary in the world of venture capital.

Rooted in a thesis-driven ethos, they make high-conviction investments in revolutionary crypto entities—from blockchain to tokens.

Beyond mere financing, their dual prowess in managing both venture and hedge funds offers startups a rare blend of capital and in-depth crypto insights.

With investments in over 29 trailblazing firms like ChainGuardian and Helium, Multicoin doesn’t just invest; they elevate, shaping the very frontier of decentralized tech and challenging crypto conventions.

Best For:

  • Decentralized Dreamers: Startups looking to redefine industries with blockchain and decentralized projects.
  • Token Visionaries: Companies innovating in the realm of cryptocurrencies and pioneering unique token models.
  • Crypto Innovators: Entities that thrive on challenging and evolving established crypto norms, seeking both capital and mentorship.

9. Next Coast Ventures

Next Coast Ventures, an Austin-based venture capital powerhouse, is tailored for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Their strategic investments in "next coast" companies occur at the pivotal point of development, propelling them into exponential growth.

With a penchant for the "make or break" phase, their glass-eating founder partnerships and thematic investment approach yield remarkable results. They've honed their strategy from personal entrepreneurial journeys, offering startups an invaluable toolkit for triumph.

Their range spans $3M to $7M investments, galvanizing startups like aaDya, AlertMedia, and Aceable towards hyper-growth.

Best For:

  • Visionary Entrepreneurs: Founders ready to disrupt markets, seeking collaborative partners for hyper-growth journeys.
  • Early-Stage Movers: Startups in the fledgling phase, poised to ignite transformational trajectories in various industries.
  • Thematic Trailblazers: Companies aligning with Next Coast's thematic approach, seeking visionary guidance and substantial funding.

10. Capital Factory

Capital Factory, the Texas startup nucleus, transforms entrepreneurs' dreams into reality.

Anchored in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, it powers the state's tech ecosystem with 81,000 square feet of coworking, 900+ events yearly, and a network of 150+ esteemed mentors.

As the most active Texas investor since 2010, Capital Factory propels startups from inception to success, connecting them to vital investors, mentors, and customers.

Portfolio companies thrive with 1% equity, mentorship, and access to powerful partnerships.

With $250,000 potential hosting credits from tech giants, Capital Factory is the launchpad for Texan startups to take flight.

Best For:

  • Early-Stage Dreamers: Aspiring entrepreneurs in Texas ready to forge their startup journey, fueled by expert mentorship and powerful connections.
  • Tech Innovators: Startups harnessing cutting-edge technologies in AI, digital health, big data, VR, and more, aiming for rapid growth.
  • Ecosystem Enthusiasts: Entrepreneurs eager to immerse in the heart of Texas' dynamic tech community, benefitting from hands-on guidance and strategic partnerships.

11. Quake Capital Partners

Quake Capital Partners ignites the potential of early-stage startups through founder-friendly investments and intensive training.

Boasting 274 investments, a top quartile standing, and a collaborative mentor network of 200+ advisors, Quake drives startups to exceptional performance.

Their dynamic approach blends investment capital with hands-on guidance, propelling pre-seed and seed-stage companies 9 to 12 months ahead in just three months.

With a sharp focus on traction, team strength, and market opportunity, Quake fuels innovation across industries.

Through $100k to $150k investments, mentor expertise, and strategic connections, they empower startups to scale into market leaders.

Best For:

  • Emerging Innovators: Early-stage startups craving a blend of funding and expert mentorship to navigate the crucial pre-seed and seed stages.
  • Founders Seeking Traction: Visionaries with promising traction, strong teams, and an untapped market, poised to thrive with Quake's guidance.
  • Untapped Potential: Startups from underserved regions and smaller locales, aiming to amplify growth with tailored planning, networking, and mentorship.

12. Texo Ventures

An Austin-based venture capital powerhouse, Texo Ventures, specializes in Series A+ investments for healthcare companies.

With a financial embrace ranging from $3M to $10M, Texo hones in on tech-enabled healthcare innovators with potent scalability.

Their distinct focus centers on medical devices & diagnostics, fueling unique differentiators and synergy with healthcare reform movements.

Bolstered by investments in game-changers like Sensentia, Caredox, and BetterDoctor, Texo Ventures thrives at the intersection of healthcare and information technology.

Their passion lies in empowering brilliant entrepreneurs to revolutionize healthcare with cutting-edge technology.

Best For:

  • Healthcare Innovators: Tech-savvy healthcare entrepreneurs looking to bridge gaps and overcome hurdles in health IT, medical devices, and personalized medicine.
  • Scalability Seekers: Startups with high scalability potential in the healthcare sector, from health IT to medical devices.
  • Regulatory Ambitions: Companies striving to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, leveraging tech-enabled solutions to simplify healthcare's intricacies.

13. Next Step Capital Partners

Next Step Capital Partners, a dynamic force in Austin's venture landscape, propels growth by investing in startups for a share of future revenue—no equity, no guarantees.

With a laser focus on market-proven products, substantial growth prospects, and profitability, they inject $250K to $2M into businesses ready to take the next leap.

Uniquely, they steer clear of management roles, channeling their funds into go-to-market strategies and sales expansion.

This trailblazing approach is a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking financial backing without sacrificing equity. Next Step Capital Partners is your ticket to growth without compromise.

Best For:

  • Revenue-Ready Innovators: Startups with validated products, poised for substantial growth, and seeking funding without the equity trade-off.
  • Profitable Ventures: Companies that have cracked the profitability code, with high gross margins and exciting growth opportunities.
  • Innovative Market Entrants: Entrepreneurs with market-proven offerings or those on the cusp of launch, aiming for revenue generation and scaling support.

14. Keller Capital

Keller Capital, a beacon of purpose-driven investment in Austin, fuels transformation by backing ventures that enrich their communities.

With a vision spanning real estate, businesses, and individuals, their mission thrives on integrity, trust, wisdom, and teamwork.

Leveraging 50+ years in asset management, they dissect complexities, mitigate risks, and craft strategic plans for optimal growth.

This versatile venture capital firm curates a diverse portfolio, channeling funds into lower middle-market equity investments, nurturing startups across sectors, and preserving landmark properties.

Keller Capital's commitment to fostering success echoes through its partnerships, benefiting both businesses and local landscapes.

Best For:

  • Community Catalysts: Ventures driven to make a meaningful impact on their surroundings through products, services, and relationships.
  • Growth-Hungry Entrepreneurs: Founders seeking support in the lower middle market, where Keller Capital's experience and teamwork thrive.
  • Innovators with Vision: Startups across sectors, from real estate to emerging businesses, that share Keller Capital's values and purpose-driven ethos.

15. Alumni Ventures Group

Alumni Ventures Group stands as America's largest venture firm for individual investors, channeling over $1B in capital raised from 9,000+ accredited investors into entrepreneurial dreams.

For entrepreneurs, it's a co-investment partner that brings connections, capital, and customers.

As a venture partner for its vast network, Alumni Ventures fuels success stories across AI, fintech, healthcare, proptech, and more.

With a presence in key cities, including Austin, it's a powerhouse of alumni connections, united in driving the flywheel of innovation and opportunity.

Best For:

  • Alumni Innovators: Entrepreneurs connected to Alumni Ventures Group's network, seeking co-investment, connections, and growth acceleration.
  • Diverse Startups: Early, late-stage, and seed startups from varied industries, looking for capital infusion, network access, and growth avenues.
  • Impact-Driven Visionaries: Founders with innovative ideas and a passion for making a difference across sectors like fintech, healthcare, and sustainability.


In the vibrant landscape of Austin's venture capital scene, a diverse array of firms beckons, each with a unique vision and approach.

From the cutting-edge tech focus of S3 Ventures and Multicoin Capital to the community-centric values of Keller Capital and Next Step Capital Partners, Austin's VC firms embody innovation, collaboration, and impact.

Whether igniting the sparks of health tech with Texo Ventures or empowering entrepreneurs through Alumni Ventures Group's expansive network, Austin's VC firms shape the future, one investment at a time.

With passion, capital, and unwavering support, these firms catalyze growth, making dreams a reality in the heart of Texas.

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