Everything You Need to Know About Seed Round Pitch Deck

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There are several ways to build an investor deck for your seed round, but is there a perfect way? Not quite.

However, at this nascent stage, possessing a top-notch deck is akin to holding an ace in a high-stakes poker game. It's not just about the cards, but how you play them.

With your deck size at the seed stage teetering between 10 to 15 slides at most, the aim is clear: grab attention, be concise, and compel action.

Ready to deal with your winning hand?

What Investors Looking for in Seed Round Deck?

The seed round deck. The very first gauntlet you throw down in the arena of startup fundraising.

But what are investors laser-focused on in this critical face-off?

Essentially, you're not just raising, you're creating a magnet for angel investors, convincing startup accelerators, or wooing the people closest to you - friends and family.

At the heart of an irresistible seed round deck is a blend of ingredients: a captivating narrative that grabs attention, an all-star team that instills confidence, a product with tantalizing potential or demonstrable traction, and a sturdy growth plan that paints a promising future.

However, don't forget this pro tip - tailor your pitch to the listener. After all, a dancer adjusts their steps according to the rhythm, right?

Basic Seed Deck Structure

Think of your seed deck as a tantalizing appetizer menu, where every slide whets the appetite. Ready to serve up a structure that leaves investors hungry for more?

Having said that, the Seed round decks sell potential and promises, whereas Series A and further pitches trade in proven performance and scalability plans.

So, here are the essential slides you should load into your seed round deck.

Opening Hook

Remember when your English teacher always emphasized the 'hook' in an essay?

Well, the opening slide of your seed deck is just that. It's your sparkling 'Hello!' to the investors.

It's the firm handshake, the confident eye contact, and the engaging first impression that decides if they stay for the conversation.

So, how do you pack a punch?

Keep it neat, focused, and minimal.

Showcase your logo like a badge of honor, and jot down your powerful one-liner like your business mantra.

Here is an example of an opening slide of an online dermatology clinic.

As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, after all.

Your Vision

Ever seen the spark in a visionary's eyes?

That's what your vision slide needs to emulate - the fiery drive that spurred your startup's inception.

This is where you paint a vivid picture of your future, the utopia you aspire to create with your venture. Think of it as the North Star guiding your startup journey.

So, how to convey it effectively?

An evocative image or a punchy one-liner can do the trick. Yes, as simple as that!

This slide isn't about dazzling with details but resonating with the 'why' behind your startup. It's about making hearts beat in sync with your dream.


The 'Problem' slide - it's the heart of your seed deck narrative, where you illuminate the monster you're slaying.

You're not just battling a minor annoyance, but tackling a formidable, urgent problem that keeps your target audience up at night.

So, how to make this troublemaker visible? Here is an example:

Support your tale with hard data. Show the investors the size of the dragon and make them feel the heat of its fire.

Let them see the impact of the problem on the world, and on people, and why it's a battlefield worth stepping into.

After all, no epic tale is complete without a gripping conflict, right?


And now, enter the hero of our tale - your Solution.

This slide is where your startup swoops in, sword gleaming, ready to vanquish the mighty problem.

Are you wielding an innovative tech breakthrough or reshaping a business model? Either way, be laser-specific.

Show that the battlefield has yet to witness a warrior like yours, or that the current ones could do with some serious leveling up.

This is your 30-second elevator pitch - the 'how' of your dragon-slaying saga. Remember, you're not just offering a tool, but a ticket to a better world.

Here is an example of a solution slide of a climate action app- Klima.

So, can you encapsulate your victory strategy in a few power-packed words?


Next is the 'Product' slide - your chance to unleash your magic weapon.

It's not a mere item on a shelf, but the living, breathing heart of your venture. And, it's high time the investors took a peek under the hood.

Are you a mobile app? Showcase a visual stroll through the user journey, from the first click to satisfied sign-off.

Here is an example of a startup - without coding app creator product slide:

It's about helping your potential backers see your product in action, experiencing the journey without even leaving their chairs.

So, let the images do the talking. After all, seeing is believing, right? And trust us, they'll want to believe.

Business Model

Next up in our journey is the 'Business Model' slide - the hidden treasure map of your venture.

Here's where you lay bare how you plan to transform your product into pure gold. Are you self-funded? You'll need a clear pathway to profitability.

What are the key metrics that will indicate you've hit the sweet spot of cash flow break-even?

Here is a perfect example of a business model slide of a telemedicine startup in the seed round deck:

It's true, at the seed stage, you might not have all the answers, but you're expected to have a solid plan.

If your model has intricate parts, feel free to add slides, but remember - keep it clear, keep it concise.

Market Opportunity

Ready to strike gold? Then let's delve into the 'Market Opportunity' slide, where the tantalizing allure of potential profit thrives.

Are we talking about a small pond where you're the big fish, or a vast ocean teeming with opportunities?

This is where the magic of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) comes in. Slice that TAM down to your most likely buyers and the traction channels to reach them.

Here is a market opportunity slide example:

Remember, size isn't everything. Initial domination of a niche market is a well-trodden path to success - a smaller market size won't deter savvy investors if you've got a plan to conquer it.


Next should be the Traction slides in your seed deck. It is the highway to funding.

As Mark Suster, an entrepreneur turned VC, famously said, "Traction speaks louder than words."

Your traction is your trusty roadmap showing your business is on track. It's not just about 'going' but about 'growing'.

Displaying key metrics and growth in a comprehensible chart tells your investors, "Yes, we're moving!"

Here is a perfect example of the traction slide in a SaaS startup by the name Fever Free:

Remember, even a trickle of traction in the early stages can spark investor interest. Don't have data yet? Then steer the focus toward your promising product.

So, let your traction do the talking!


Next, roll out the red carpet for the stars of your show - the Team.

It's their stage in your seed deck where they spellbind investors with their credentials. Show their previous ventures, educational background, and influential advisors.

Remember, this isn't a resume recitation but a sneak peek into your team's unique capabilities. Here is an example of a team slide of an early stage startup deck:

As start-up guru, Brad Feld, said, "At the seed stage, the quality of the entrepreneurs is most important".

So, exhibit why your founding team is the best fit for the mission. After all, people invest in people!


The grand finale of your seed deck, the Ask, is where clarity meets courage.

This is your golden opportunity to unambiguously state the amount you're seeking. But remember, it's more than just about capital.

Think of it as an open invitation to your potential investors, signaling that you value their wisdom, experiences, and connections as much as their financial contribution.

By emphasizing their non-monetary contributions, you'll ensure your pitch deck becomes a compelling dialogue, enriching the narrative of your startup's journey, and fostering a spirit of collaborative partnership.

Final Thoughts

In the world of startups, your seed deck is that golden ticket ensuring you've got the best seat.

From hooking investors with a magnetic intro to signing off with a confident ask, it's all about the narrative.

Remember, investors aren't just betting on ideas; they're investing in stories, visions, and the dream teams behind them.

So, as you craft each slide, think of it as a chapter in your epic tale. Ready to pitch? Just ensure your deck is as unforgettable as your ambition, and watch those doors open wide!

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