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Ever considered the weight a pitch deck carries? It's more than just a presentation—it's your vision, your story, and an artful blend of strategy, content, and design. It's your ticket to securing funding and impressing venture capitalists.

The pivotal question is: How much should you invest in this vital tool? Should you craft it on a shoestring or bring in the big guns with a professional touch?

So, what does it take to create a pitch deck that speaks volumes and doesn't break the bank?

Let's explore the art, cost, and options of pitch deck designing.

How to Design a Killer Pitch Deck? (Options)

Crafting a pitch deck that leaves an impression doesn't always mean emptying your pockets. Wondering where to get the best bang for your buck?

Here are your options:

  • Outsource to Professional Freelance Designers

Tap into the vast talent pool of freelance designers. They not only offer unique designs tailored to your brand but often provide more budget-friendly rates than agencies. Their diverse experience ensures you get quality without the premium price tag.

  • Online Pitch Deck Design Service Sites:

For a more structured approach without the high-end agency fees, online design platforms are your ally. They combine expertise and industry insights, presenting a balance between cost and quality. Think of it as an investment with guaranteed dividends.

Average Pitch Deck Design Cost

Are you daunted by the numbers associated with pitch deck design? Here is our simplified version of the cost landscape for you:

On the lower end, if you're in search of a cost-effective solution, freelance pitch deck specialists might be your go-to, charging anywhere from $35 to $250 an hour.

Even DIY options with templates could run you as little as $5 per slide.

Now, as we scale up to the mid-range, you'll find most businesses spending between $2,000 and $4,000 for a starter investor pitch deck. This cost involves a designer-built pitch deck, often reflecting an average hourly rate of $65 for a senior designer.

Some agencies may offer complete deck creation for around $1,500 to $10,000, depending on the scope and size.

Feeling grand? The upper end of the spectrum hosts boutique service providers that can soar up to $50,000 or even more.

These premium options often encompass brand messaging, template setup, and style guides, with some Silicon Valley pitch deck agencies even taking a percentage of funds raised on top of their fees.

Whether you opt for per-slide pricing, complete deck design, or specialized tasks like writing or graphics, the price can vary significantly.

To put it simply, the cost of designing your pitch deck will largely depend on your budget and the level of sophistication you desire.

So, is it possible to hit that perfect balance between quality and affordability? Can you craft a killer pitch deck without breaking the bank? Let's get deep into various options.

10 Best Pitch Deck Design Services and Cost Options

In the bustling online realm of pitch deck services, myriad options beckon. But which truly stands out?

Here are our top 10 picks, each boasting unique features, primed to elevate your next deck to unparalleled heights:

1. Pitch Deck Creators

Imagine your startup's story being so magnetic that even the most discerning VC can't resist. DEBONNE, ranked as the #1 Pitch Deck Design Agency, knows exactly how to achieve that.

Having engaged with 100+ VCs and delighted 50+ customers, their approach combines powerful storytelling with sharp headline copywriting.

The results? A pitch deck that captivates in just 60 seconds, leaving an unforgettable mark. Their process is thorough, ensuring that every deck echoes your startup's spirit.

With bespoke illustrations and expert branding, your concept is made both stunning and simple, ensuring you stand out amidst the thousands of decks a VC sees annually.

Pricing Details

Pitch deck designs commence at a competitive $3000. However, prices may vary based on project intricacies and unique requirements.

Additionally, they offer specialized pitch deck copywriting. Intrigued about your current deck's impact? Get a complimentary Pitch Deck Review and gain invaluable insights.

2. SketchDeck

SketchDeck, a renowned pitch deck design service based in California, offers a robust solution for startups aiming to stand out.

With clients like Dropbox and Google, they combine modern aesthetics with data visualization to create top-notch presentations. Offering three levels of tailored services, SketchDeck provides 24/7 access to quality, on-brand designs.

Whether you need to follow a pre-existing theme or want to craft a brand-new concept, their dedicated teams are ready to transform your startup's pitch deck, delivering the Silicon Valley flair without the stress.

Pricing Details

SketchDeck offers three levels of service, each with different functions and costs.

The average hourly rate stands at $115. The Production Team offers time-saving designs, while the Design Team creates fresh concepts.

For a fully personalized touch, the Premium Creative Team could go up to $4,000.

3. BaseTemplates

Eager to make a lasting impression with investors? Enter BaseTemplates, founded by entrepreneur and investor Maximilian Fleitmann in 2015.

Not just any template service, this one marries impeccable design with data-backed structures, all derived from analyzing 70+ successful pitch decks.

Choose from over 100 slides, customize them with 300+ design elements, and voila! A stunning presentation or a detailed read-through version awaits.

Plus, they're not just about aesthetics. Their templates are complemented by a free slide guide, ensuring your content shines.

With a proven track record—helping startups rake in a whopping $30M—BaseTemplates is your trusted ally in securing that crucial funding.

Pricing Details

BaseTemplates offers a Single License at $49 for access to 100+ slides for one project. The Unlimited License at $99 allows use across multiple projects.

Tailor-made pitch decks cost $49 per slide, with additional fundraising strategy costs tailored to your needs, providing everything required for a compelling pitch.

4. UnicornPitch

Crafting legendary pitch decks that make a mark! UnicornPitch understands the power of first impressions and creates presentations that give startups the edge.

With over 5,500 success stories, they merge thoughtful storytelling, modern design, and content precision, ensuring your startup's vision is captivatingly communicated.

Offering transparency in pricing, and precise delivery dates, their on-demand service stands out. Need a dazzling deck that resonates with investors? UnicornPitch has got you covered.

Pricing Details

UnicornPitch offers three pricing tiers.

Basic design at 29€ ($34) per slide offers one design suggestion and a revision. Advance design, priced at 49€ ($58) per slide, provides two layout suggestions and feedback sessions.

The top-tier, exclusive design at 69€ (~$82) per slide, delivers three layout options and feedback rounds, all tailored to your startup's unique vision.

5. SlidePeak

SlidePeak specializes in professional pitch deck design, offering startups the edge they need to secure funding. Their team of experts not only crafts impactful presentations but also provides consultation and research services.

Whether aiming to impress investors, convert new clients, or showcase your brand, SlidePeak takes cues from Y-Combinator to deliver clear, succinct slides.

Prioritizing confidentiality, they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with every client.

With a track record of assisting over 120 businesses and offering tailored solutions across various niches, SlidePeak stands out as a trusted partner for pitch deck creation and redesign.

Pricing Details

SlidePeak's pricing varies by urgency and service. Redesigns start at $25/slide; presentations from personal materials begin at $30/slide.

For a complete pitch deck from scratch, prices start at $49/slide. Deadlines affect costs, with options ranging from 48 hours to 10 days.

6. Buffalo7

Buffalo7 thrives in transforming pitch decks into masterpieces of persuasion. Recognizing the significance of pitches, be it for startups or Fortune 500 giants, Buffalo7 crafts narratives tailored to captivate audiences, ensuring no investor says, "I'm out."

With a specialized focus on British investor preferences, their designers dig deep, resonating stories with aesthetic visuals, emphasizing your brand’s unique essence.

The emphasis? A well-crafted pitch that not just tells a story but sells it.

Whether aiming for investor onboarding, heightened brand awareness, or lead generation, Buffalo7 ensures your pitch isn't the weak link in your sales chain.

Pricing Details

Buffalo7 offers bespoke pricing. Rejecting templates, they focus on tailored storytelling.

Starting with a discovery workshop, they discern your brand’s essence, crafting a custom PowerPoint complete with animations. Turnaround spans between two to six weeks, depending on complexity and brand intricacies.

7. SlideBean

SlideBean revolutionizes the pitch deck process, seamlessly blending software simplicity with bespoke agency expertise.

Catering especially to startups, SlideBean harnesses powerful AI to automate design, coupled with collaborative features, tracking analytics, and online sharing.

Their agency wing boasts 500+ successful projects, aiding founders in raising over $300M with artfully crafted pitch decks. Inspired by Silicon Valley's successes, templates mimic the allure of giants like AirBnB and Facebook.

Trusted by big names like PayPal and Starbucks, SlideBean's mission is to transform visions into compelling investor narratives, propelling startups toward monumental success.

Pricing Details

SlideBean offers three tiers:

  • Pitch Deck Design at $599 (4-day delivery) - redesigns and content refinement.
  • Pitch Deck Writing + Design at $2,500 (3-4 weeks) - full content creation and design.
  • Strategy + Pitch Deck Sprint starting at $6,000 (3-4 weeks) - inclusive of strategy sessions and C-level access.

8. PitchDeck.Com

PitchDeck.com is a world-renowned design agency with a legacy of crafting over 10,000 captivating pitch decks. As a SlideGenius, Inc. affiliate, they've helped businesses globally raise a staggering $100 billion.

Touted by some as the inventors of the pitch deck, their decade-long experience equips startups and enterprises alike with compelling narratives tailored for fundraising and sales.

Whether you're a startup vying for attention or a corporate giant sealing a deal, PitchDeck.com translates visions into results, harnessing a dream team of designers, graphic artists, and copywriters.

Pricing Details

PitchDeck's bespoke services start at $1,000. Final pricing is crafted per clients' unique needs, considering project scope, complexity, and company size.

Offering a customized approach, they ensure unparalleled value, with completed decks delivered within 14 to 21 days.

9. DeckWorks

DeckWorks is your dependable partner in unlocking startup funding with compelling pitch decks. With $250+ million raised and rave reviews, they transform your raw slides into a powerful pitch.

Whether you're weary of freelancers or need expert guidance, DeckWorks' unique approach structures your pitch for maximum impact, infusing top-notch design and storytelling.

Forget unnecessary meetings; they deliver in just 14 days. You bring the vision, they provide the pitch, and the results follow.

Pricing Details

DeckWorks offers three packages:

  • Basic ($2,999): Stellar design, 15 slides, and 2 revisions.
  • Growth ($3,999): Premium design, compelling story, 20 slides.
  • Venture ($5,999/month): Your dedicated pitch designer, unlimited decks, and slides. Cancel anytime.

10. Perfect Pitch Deck

Perfect Pitch Deck, founded by Alexander Jarvis, revolutionizes the world of pitch decks.

Jarvis, a venture capital veteran, and entrepreneurial mastermind, understands that a pitch deck isn't just about design but strategy and impactful communication.

He leverages years of M&A, VC, and entrepreneurial experience to craft decks that open doors to crucial VC meetings.

Recognizing that most decks fall short, Jarvis steps in, not just as a designer but as a strategist, ensuring startups convey their narrative powerfully and coherently.

Trust Perfect Pitch Deck for a pitch that resonates, compelling investors to listen.

Pricing Details

Perfect Pitch Deck offers straightforward pricing: €6,000 for a custom-designed pitch deck and €400/hour for consultation calls.

With intensive 1-on-1 sessions, Jarvis' expertise guarantees a complete, end-to-end deck transformation, ensuring you're primed for success in the fundraising journey.

Why Debonne Should Be Your Ultimate Choice?

Choosing the right partner for your pitch deck design is pivotal. With countless choices at your fingertips, why pick DEBONNE?

Delve deeper, and you'll discover the unparalleled edge that makes DEBONNE every startup founder's dream ally.

Here are the reasons why DEBONNE is your go-to option for a standout pitch deck:

  • Industry Insight: With interviews of 100+ VCs under our belt, we’re armed with invaluable investor insight, tailoring decks that hit the mark.
  • Customization King: Our tailored illustrations simplify intricate concepts, giving your startup a relatable face.
  • Quick Turnaround: Within just 2 weeks, from in-depth analysis to revisions, your polished deck is ready to shine.
  • Expert Consultation: Post-design, we set up consultative calls, ensuring your voice is integral to the creative process.
  • Diverse Portfolio: From social networks to AI tools, our diverse project portfolio testifies to our versatile design prowess.
  • Revision Ready: We're open to feedback, providing up to 5 rounds of revisions until perfection is achieved.
  • Financial Flexibility: Our transparent pricing caters to varying complexities, ensuring quality isn't compromised by budget constraints.
  • Bonus Offer: Unsure about your existing deck? We're offering a free review, identifying potential areas for enhancement.

Crafting that killer pitch deck? Let DEBONNE be the architect of your success story.

Final Thoughts

In the exhilarating world of startups, the pitch deck reigns supreme. It's not just a presentation; it's your dream encapsulated in slides, the golden ticket to successful fundraising.

But crafting that ticket? It's an art and a science, demanding a blend of passion, precision, and prowess.

In a sea of choices, it's daunting to find that perfect alchemy, but rest assured, the pinnacle of perfection is DEBONNE. With a track record steeped in excellence, it's more than a service; it's a partnership for your dream's ascent.

CTA: Ready to transform your vision into a pitch-perfect reality? Let DEBONNE be your guide.

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