Pitch Deck Ask Slide: (+ Templates & Examples)

Benjamin Debonneville
Founder & CEO
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Crafting the perfect pitch is an art; getting the funding you need is a masterpiece. At the heart of every pitch deck lies the 'Ask Slide' - your golden ticket to impress investors.

Wondering how much to ask? Where the funds will be channeled? Or how to convey your aspirations without raising eyebrows?

Fear not. This slide, positioned strategically before your closing, isn't just about stating a number. It's your chance to showcase your roadmap to triumph, underpinned by a well-thought-out financial ask.

Dive in, as we unravel the intricacies of the Ask Slide, ensuring you leave no investor unimpressed.

Ready to transform your fundraising game?

Ask Slide: What is it and Why is it Important?

Picture the grand finale of your pitch deck: the Ask Slide. Nestled at the tail end, this slide isn't just about numbers; it's your startup's financial crescendo.

Think of it as a transparent window into your funding needs, telling investors exactly what they'll be a part of.

The Ask Slide is your navigator through the sea of uncertainty, guiding investors to grasp the tangible outcomes your funding will sculpt. It's a strategic dance between capital and ambition, showcasing the journey you're embarking upon.

This slide is your "why," your "what," and your "how much."

Without it, your pitch remains a puzzle missing a crucial piece. Time to unveil the power of the Ask Slide – where aspiration meets quantification.

Let's explore its significance, decode the digits, and master the art of financial storytelling.

What to Include in Pitch Deck Ask Slide

Nail the Ask Slide essentials – your funding game-changer. Ready to uncover the vital components of an attractive Ask Slide, that'll captivate investors?

Let's dive in.

How Much Do You Want to Raise?

The first thing that an Ask Slide should have is the pulse of your financial quest: How Much Do You Want to Raise?

Investors are intrigued by precision, so lay it out with finesse.

Be the maestro of clarity: We're seeking $1M to elevate our product and launch the beta version. Specificity signals preparation, guiding you to the next stage.

But remember, it's not just the ask, it's the equation of potential. Strike the balance between what you need and what you're offered, backed by the numbers dancing in your financial model.

Ready to dazzle with digits? Let's calculate your funding crescendo.

Use of Funds & Milestones

The second gem in your Ask Slide's crown: Use of Funds & Milestones. It's not just about asking; it's about showcasing your blueprint for brilliance.

Picture this: a clear map of where the funds will flow and the milestones they'll sculpt. Imagine a pie chart mapping the dollars and dreams invested wisely, a strategic symphony of allocation.

You're not just asking; you're enlightening investors on your grand roadmap. It's the art of assurance – proving you've plotted your journey from here to milestones aplenty.

Get ready to wow with transparency and milestones that speak volumes.


Now, let's talk runway – the financial lifeline that fuels your ascent. In the symphony of startup success, the 'Runway' is your rhythm, a heartbeat of fiscal stamina.

This numerical melody articulates how long your funds will carry you toward the horizon of milestones.

Investors want assurance that you're not just sprinting but soaring. So, unveil your financial foresight.

Show them the runway that'll sustain your flight to triumph. Let's quantify your journey, ensuring you don't just take off – you soar to heights that investors can't resist.

Get ready to crunch numbers that resonate.

Type of Investment

And now, let's decode the investment essence – the very DNA of your Ask Slide. The Type of Investment isn't just a label; it's the heartbeat of your financial pact.

Are you offering equity, convertible notes, or a different concoction? Investors seek clarity in this financial dance.

So, unveil your investment offering with finesse. It's more than just numbers; it's the very structure of your partnership with backers.

Ready to define your investment symphony? Let's harmonize the notes, ensuring investors don't just listen – they resonate with your tune of growth.

Current Investors

Let's spotlight your startup's esteemed companions – the Current Investors. This section isn't just about showcasing names; it's about weaving a story of trust and progress.

Boast your past wins, revealing the funding victories that paved your journey. How much have you raised, and who believed in your vision?

It's not just about numbers; it's about momentum. Investors seek proof of progress and a testament to your credibility.

So, shine a light on your financial champions, painting a picture of growth through partnership.

Content and Design Tips

Crafting the perfect Ask Slide? It's all about clarity, conciseness, and compelling content.

Here are ten golden nuggets for you:

  • Quantify the Outcome: Use numbers. They sing to investors. Show concrete goals and the cash needed to achieve them.
  • Visualize with Care: Use high-resolution images, pie charts, or tables. A picture paints a thousand words.
  • Understand Your Audience: Tailor your slide for specific investors. Know their interests and pain points.
  • Narrate a Story: Highlight your unique value, where you are now, and where the funds will lead.
  • Clarity is Key: Use a legible font and a simple design. Let the content shine.
  • Keep it Crisp: State your ask, the objective, and the timeline in one precise sentence.
  • Coherence Counts: Ensure your ask aligns with your overarching business strategy.
  • End Strong: Include a clear call to action. Invite investors for a deeper dive into your startup.
  • Feedback is Gold: Test your slide on friends or colleagues. Refine based on insights.
  • Stay Concise: Focus on key aspects. Too much fluff? Trim it down. Less is more.


Navigating the startup waters? Your Ask Slide is your compass!

Understand your audience, weave a captivating tale, and zero in on the essentials. It's not just about the numbers; it's the story they tell.

Remember, this slide is your grand finale, the lasting impression you stamp on investors' minds. So, ditch the fluff, embrace transparency, and let your pitch sizzle with clarity and purpose.

As you wrap that pitch deck, always remember: it’s not a game of chance but a dance of strategy.

Your Ask Slide isn’t just an ask; it's your crescendo. Aim high, pitch right!

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