10 Best Alternatives to DocSend (Free + Paid)

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When it comes to sharing your all-important pitch deck or a confidential file, what's paramount for you? Security, ease of use, or perhaps, tracking capabilities?

Navigating the digital space, we all yearn for a platform that not only protects our intellectual property but also gives us insights into how it's being consumed.

And while Docsend might ring a bell for many, is it the only ace up the sleeve?

What if there are alternatives that could match or even surpass its offerings? Dive in, as we unveil the top contenders in the world of secure document-sharing.

Who knows? You might just find your next go-to platform.

What is Docsend?

Ever felt lost in the chaos of sharing and tracking crucial documents?

Meet DocSend, a cloud-based platform trusted by over 34,000 companies globally. It's not just about sharing PDFs, presentations, or contracts; it's about doing it securely.

With DocSend, you create unique, password-protected links, and you can even control their expiration.

But that's not all. You can annotate, comment, and even update files post-sharing – ensuring your recipients always see the latest version. Integrated seamlessly with tools like Salesforce and Slack.

Looking to explore DocSend?

Choose from three tailored plans: Personal, Standard, or the Advanced option for enhanced security and integrations. Your perfect fit awaits!

Top 10 Docsend Alternatives

Though DocSend may be your choice for sharing, there are numerous tools out there vying for attention.

Some flaunt exclusive features, others cater with competitive (or even free) pricing, and a few might just be the upgraded alternative you've been scouting for.

Let's venture beyond the known and explore the top 10 alternatives to DocSend.

Ready for a twist in the tale?

1. DeckLink

Ever had that Eureka moment with a pitch deck, only to fumble while sharing it? Enter DeckLink. Tailored for founders like you, DeckLink streamlines pitch deck sharing.

How, you ask? Imagine crafting your link in a mere 60 seconds, followed by detailed analytics that delves deep into audience engagement.

And the best part? All these premium perks come at the unbeatable price of... zero!

That's right, 10 free decks, customizable links, an attractive preview card, and even an option to capture leads – all without spending a dime.

Sounds too good to be true? Believe it. While DocSend has its merits, DeckLink might be the ace you've been searching for when it's about pitch decks.

2. PandaDoc

Thinking of DocSend? How about a pivot to PandaDoc, the robust contender in the documentation automation arena?

Here's the thing: over 50,000 customers, from start-ups to established enterprises, have turned to PandaDoc not just for its attractive pricing but for its powerhouse features.

You're not just creating documents; with 750+ professionally designed templates, you're crafting masterpieces. Dive deeper and you'll find seamless CRM integrations, up to 15 of them compared to DocSend's lone offering.

Then there’s the game-changer: electronic signatures that are rapid, secure, and mobile-friendly. But that's not all.

The icing on the cake? Real-time collaboration with an integrated chat, ensuring your team operates at peak efficiency.

Pricing plan for all this?

In short, PandaDoc offers more bang for fewer bucks, making it a formidable DocSend alternative.

3. Dropbox Sign (ex. HelloSign)

Looking for a more secure, intuitive, and flexible alternative to DocSend? Meet Dropbox Sign (ex. HelloSign), your next go-to for managing electronic signatures.

It's not just about signing documents; it's about accelerating workflows, tracking multiple signers across devices, and personalizing reminders to keep your business ahead.

With certified signatures compliant with legal standards and a customizable interface, Dropbox Sign brings peace of mind and professionalism into one package.

Businesses rave about efficiency improvements, with signature processes cut from weeks to minutes!

Add integration with other Dropbox tools, and you have a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that outshines DocSend.

Start signing with Dropbox Sign; it's fast, trusted, and built to fit your needs. All this for cheaper prices than the Docsend.

4. DocuSign

Searching for a superior alternative to DocSend? Enter DocuSign, the world's #1 eSignature platform.

Designed especially for SaaS businesses, DocuSign simplifies contract revisions, collaborations, and on-the-spot signings.

Got a client across the globe? No worries! Modify, share, and get contracts signed swiftly and securely.

What sets DocuSign apart is its impeccable security, meeting stringent US and EU digital protocols. Plus, it shines with mobile compatibility, seamless integration, and bank-level security.

Say goodbye to hefty fees and hello to fast, flexible, and efficient document management. All this is for small amounts of bucks out of your pocket, but its worth it.

Here is the pricing plan of DocuSign:

With DocuSign, you’re not just signing documents, you're reinventing collaborations. It's not just an alternative; it's an upgrade!

Dive into the future of eSignatures with DocuSign.

5. HighSpot

Move over DocSend, HighSpot is setting new standards in sales enablement!

Tailored for big players, HighSpot supports large, geographically dispersed teams seamlessly.

Worried about managing a remote workforce post-Covid? HighSpot makes it effortless. Whether it's real-time collaboration across various time zones or navigating global regulations, this platform is a lifesaver for expansive ventures.

But here's the clincher: it's more than just document management. HighSpot beautifully bridges strategy and action with AI-enhanced search, analytics, and dynamic guided selling.

Top brands like Nestle and Adobe are already on board.

Plus, with a user-friendly pricing model — per user, per month — it's both powerful and economical. It's not just an alternative to DocSend; it's the next level!

6. Attach.io

Elevate your sales game with Attach.io - a superior alternative to DocSend.

Dive deep into the psyche of your prospects; know exactly when they open your files, the pages they linger on, and even whom they share it with.

Gone are the days of guessing games! With Attach.io, you're equipped with real-time insights that fuel smarter conversations.

Sent the wrong file? No sweat! Make on-the-fly edits even post sending. And as for security, password protect your documents or set expiry dates to ensure your content remains exclusive.

Plus, with its centralized content hub, your team always stays on the same page, sharing only the freshest content.

Here is the pricing plans of Attach.io:

With Attach.io, empower your sales journey, understanding every move of your prospect. Say goodbye to sales anxiety, and hello to informed pitches!

7. GetAccept

Boost your sales operations with GetAccept, an unrivaled alternative to DocSend.

Dive into a holistic sales enablement platform that does more than just track documents. Ever wondered if your job proposal caught a prospect's attention?

With GetAccept, get real-time insights, seeing how long they engaged with your content. Streamline your workflow with e-signatures, video meetings, and interactive chat – all under one roof.

Gone are the days of guessing client interest. With personalized content, automated reminders, and powerful analytics, GetAccept ensures you're not just sending, but truly connecting.

All this will cost you a little amount out of your precious funds. Her is the pricing plan:

Whether you're sealing deals or streamlining approvals, it's time to empower your sales journey. Choose GetAccept, and embrace sales done smarter!

8. Proposify

Take your sales process online and never look back with Proposify, a brilliant alternative to DocSend.

Crafted originally for SaaS maestros, Proposify is your go-to for simplifying agreement sign-offs, from drafting to e-signatures.

Fed up with re-writing similar contracts? Use customizable templates to speed things up. And hey, no more guessing games—see when clients view or suggest changes to your proposals.

The highlight? An eSignature feature for legit validation. Though it may appear premium-priced compared to DocSend, its unmatched versatility across devices makes it worth every penny.

Here is the pricing plan:

Whether you're on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android, Proposify's got you covered. So, dive into a world where proposals don't just send; they shine, impress, and close deals!

9. ClearSlide

Revolutionize your sales team's engagement with ClearSlide.

Beyond the ordinary, ClearSlide offers an integrated platform for sales communications, team management, and meeting moderation, all from a sleek mobile-friendly interface.

Customizable pricing plans let you tailor the perfect package, even allowing for the removal of eSignature functions for a discount.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and other apps offers insightful metrics, shedding light on your team's effectiveness.

Pricing? Here are the plans:

Plus, the integrated conferencing calling keeps everyone on the same page. No more tech hassles, just smooth sailing towards closing more business.

Choose ClearSlide and watch your sales thrive.

10. Qwilr

Elevate your sales game with Qwilr, the modern, cutting-edge alternative to DocSend.

Qwilr doesn't just allow you to create and share documents—it transforms them into interactive, mobile-friendly web pages, complete with tracking to give you insights into every client interaction.

Want to know who made changes? Or who skipped that crucial section? Qwilr’s got you covered.

Moreover, with its free eSignature feature, your documents not only look professional but also remain authentic.

Plus, integrated AI page building lets you craft compelling proposals effortlessly. And all this for a moderate pricing. Here are the details:

So, why stick with the ordinary? Opt for Qwilr: where innovation meets convenience, driving your sales forward with style and intelligence. Make the smart switch today.

Why is DeckLink the Best Option Then Docsend?

As we delved into earlier, when it comes to startup pitch deck sharing, DeckLink is unrivaled, standing out as the superior alternative to DocSend.

Here’s why:

  • Pitch Deck Specialization: DeckLink is exclusively designed for pitch decks, ensuring optimal presentation and engagement.
  • 100% Free: While others might charge, DeckLink offers its premium experience without a price tag, making it accessible for startups.
  • Efficiency Matters: Skip lengthy registration processes. With DeckLink, secure your shareable link in under 60 seconds.
  • Advanced Analytics: DeckLink provides in-depth insights, allowing users to refine content and deeply engage with their audience.
  • Generous Upload Limit: Enjoy the freedom to upload up to 10 pitch decks or PDFs, ensuring ample room for all your vital presentations.
  • Capture Leads: DeckLink isn’t just about sharing; it’s also about expanding your network. Easily collect emails and grow your connections.
  • Engaging Preview Cards: Before they even open your pitch deck, captivate your audience with a personalized preview card that entices clicks.
  • Feedback Opportunity: Not getting those VC meetings? DeckLink goes beyond sharing, offering invaluable pitch deck reviews to enhance your chances.

DeckLink isn’t just another sharing platform—it's the tool that understands startups and works tirelessly to ensure your pitch deck's success.

Choose wisely. Choose DeckLink.

Final Thoughts

In the crowded landscape of document-sharing platforms, each alternative to DocSend presents unique advantages and enhanced features.

These tools cater to diverse business needs, enriching collaboration, and communication.

However, when the spotlight turns to pitch deck sharing, a specialized arena where precision and impact are paramount, no other tool holds a candle to DeckLink.

Designed with startup founders in mind, DeckLink transcends as the best alternative, offering an intuitive, comprehensive, and free solution.

For those seeking to make a mark with their decks, the choice is clear and compelling: DeckLink is the unmatched partner in your entrepreneurial journey.

Benjamin gave great tips to my start-up Blend for polishing and optimising my pitch deck, refreshing perspective. Recommend!